A gift shop in Chicago
Saturday, November 21
12 - 6p

Sunday, November 22
11a - 5p
Prairie Production
1314 W. Randolph St.
Chicago IL, 60607

Press release
photo: Jarrod Turner, art direction: Ria Roberts, styling: Bettina Yung
"Although any hollowed out piece of wood can serve as a container or a cured animal skin be worn as clothing, craftworkers of today, like their pre-modern predecessors, include artfulness as necessary to function."
—Ellen Dissanayake

Medium Cool is a cornucopia of thoughtfully designed objects and printed matter from Amigos Publishing, Candor Arts, Document, Helen Maurene Cooper, Issue Press, João Doria, Leisure Press, LVL3, Mystery Library, Natalie Smith, No Coast, Nonporous, Soberscove Press, Soft Shop, Solid State, Tan & Loose Press, Temporary Services/Half Letter Press, The Chicago Perch, The Renaissance Society, Tusk, University Galleries, Utotem, and Western Exhibitions

Bloody Marys will be provided by Martini Black at the opening event from 10a-12p on Saturday. Please email to reserve a spot.

Döner Men will be serving from 12-2p on Saturday and Salsa Truck 12-2p on Sunday.

Glynnus (Polished Nail Academy) and Jazmyn (Pamper Room) will be doing manicures all day on Sunday.

Soundtracks for shopping will be provided by Alex Herrera, Seth Hoekstra, Marcus Moretti, Kate Ruggeri, Brook Sinkinson Withrow and Brandon Wilner.